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Good Food Charter

The Lake Superior Good Food Charter is designed as a foundational charter that to be adopted by organizations, businesses and area government. 


If your organization (business/government) wants to join the list of Good Food Charter Endorsers, download the charter and send a signed copy to GFN, or fill in the electronic form.


Lake Superior Good Food Charter

(adopted March 29th, 2012)

We recognize the influential role of Lake Superior and our bioregion on agriculture and our diet. Moreover, we understand that how our food is grown, processed, delivered, sold and consumed plays a critical role in the overall health, security, and prosperity of our communities and environment.  We recognize that many systems, policies and individual choices affect the availability, affordability and quality of food. Moreover, we recognize that the development of a vibrant, dynamic local food system is an integral foundation to ensure the health and prosperity of our region.

 As such we will advocate for the following principles and values:

 Economic Resilience

  • Invest in our regional food infrastructure, including processing, storage and distribution.
  • Create new local and regional employment and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Expand local purchasing and engage anchor institutions in local procurement.
  • Protect farmland and promote policies that support regional production
  • Align public policy to support local food security
  • Support and increase producer access to markets and distribution

Community Health and Food Justice

  • Ensure access for all to nutritious, affordable, culturally appropriate food
  • Make nutritious foods the default choice in all institutional settings with a priority in school food environments.
  • Facilitate access to nutritious, affordable, and safe food for all through income, education, employment, housing, and  transportation policies
  • Recognize the importance of healthcare and community institutions in modeling and promoting a healthy food system
  • Encourage the development of communitywide food security through gardens, yard gardens, urban fowl, and other initiatives. 
  • Support safe, livable wage jobs from farm to fork.


Food Knowledge and Culture

  • Support community-wide education on gardening, food preservation, basic cooking skills and healthy eating.
  • Value the diversity of food cultures and traditions in connecting community.
  • Provide educational tools necessary to make informed decisions around food choice and food policy.
  • Protect and encourage access to wild foods obtained by fishing, hunting and gathering.

Ecological Health

  • Encourage food diets and distribution that decrease climate impact.
  • Promote sustainable agriculture production methods and regenerate ecosystem health.
  • Protect and preserve the role of communities in the use, protection and stewardship of our seeds, water and agricultural lands.
  • Promote zero-waste strategies and ecologically preferable packaging, composting and recycling.

The Charter was developed through a synthesis of the recent Superior Grown Summit conference breakout notes, review of similar charters nationally and input by Good Food Network Steering Committee and a three month public comment period.